About Us

Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. was founded on January 19, 1976 by John J. Wehrle and Wayne P. Shumaker.  John became sole owner in January 1990.  John completed his apprenticeship through Talon, Inc. on November 7, 1966.  Since 1976, Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. has served the automotive, medical, telecommunications and electronic industry in our 20,000 square foot, climate controlled facility.  Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. is currently a woman owned business, solely owned by Peggy Wehrle.

Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc’s. TEAM consists of 10 employees with an average of 30 years of experience in the spare parts and mold industries, many of the shop floor employees are journeymen toolmakers.  Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. also has 15+ years of experience in engineering and design.  Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. has been a member of the Manufacturer & Business Association since 1997 and the National Tooling & Machining Association since 1999.

Area Tool & Manufacturing Inc.’s solid foundation was built by strong commitments to partner with customers in order to achieve a common goal. 

    • Exceptional quality
    • Equitable pricing 
    • Timely delivery 

The above traits are the building blocks upon which Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. thrives.  Focusing on the basics and investing in new equipment and technology Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. is consistently exceeding customer expectations.   

Let us demonstrate the positive outcome achieved when you choose to enlist Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. to meet your specific tooling needs.

Experience the Area Tool difference